Hagen RenakerThe Hagen-Renaker pottery is run on a “fixed size” basis, that is, only so much room for inventory and production space, therefore only so much room in the line for different styles. However, recognizing the need for new ideas to keep a line vibrant, this policy led to a plan of introducing new pieces twice a year in January and July, and retiring a similar number of pieces at the same time. The approximate number at each release varies but it is usually 8 to 10 different items. By the way, the total line is kept to approximately 230 items.

The older Designer’s Workshop pieces, especially horses, are sought after by collectors everywhere. Hagen-Renaker does not have a formal, factory operated Collectors Club; however, numerous local and regional clubs exist in the U.S.

Therefore, except for these clubs, most sources of the older, retired DW pieces in the U.S. are found in the antique and collectible-type storefront. Recently, the retired Hagen-Renaker Miniature pieces are being pursued by the collector as well. A major theme park here in Southern California recently started to set aside a section of their Hagen-Renaker display for the retired pieces. Result, sold out in a month. The concept has been passed along to other retailers with smaller selections, and the result is the same; retired Miniature pieces sell out.

The line is distributed worldwide through wholesale outlets to retail dealers. Mail order is another form of obtaining the line.

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