Puss in Boots Another carryover of the Disney experience was the evolution of a line Hagen-Renaker named Designer’s Workshop. Designer’s Workshop was actually started in 1952 and continued in production until 1974. It was restarted in 1980 following the acquisition of the Freeman-McFarlin pottery, and then discontinued in 1986 when that facility was closed.

Pictured: Whimsical Designer’s Workshop Figurine Puss’n Boots

The DW pieces, as they were called, were larger than the miniatures and utilized different glazing and finishing techniques. H-R concentrated on what they did best, mainly animals, but several of the whimsical touches also were included such as Puss ‘n Boots (pictured right), Heidi’s Goat (pictured below left), Frog Prince, and “Holy Cow” to name a few.

Another touch to the DW line was that all of the animals were given names. This was quickly picked up by the collector and the pieces are still recognized today by their name, not necessarily their species or breed.

The strongest and most collectible part of the DW line became the horses. Numerous “Horse Collector Societies” are in operation in the U.S. and every one, responds “with gusto” when Hagen-Renaker introduces a new horse figurine.

Heidi's Goat

Since the DW line was discontinued in 1986, all of the new horse figurines have been made as miniatures, approximately 2”x3”.

Pictured: Designer’s Workshop Figurine Heidi’s Goat

Recently, however, with the introduction of larger figurines in a line called “Specialties”, several horses have been added. It is rumored that in 1998, another six or more horses will be added to this line. Happy will be the horse collectors if this is the case.

Oh by the way, if you notice the resemblance of some of the Breyer’s horses to Hagen-Renaker horses, that’s because H-R sold some of their molds to Breyer’s when the San Marcos facility was closed.

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