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A Piggin’s Tail

David CorbridgeDavid’s genuine love of animals and his own special brand of comic humour has infused Piggin’ with a unique lifelike quality and animation that has proved hard to resist.

The now famous Piggin’ tail’ began in 1993 when David and his friend, had been discussing ideas for a new range of figurines. Recounting the sight of a pig called Tuesday contentedly sleeping with his head nestling comfortably in an old tractor tyre proved just the spark they were looking for and Piggin’ Tired became the very first Piggin’ collectible.

For the last ten years Piggin’ creator David Corbridge has devoted much of his time and energy to bringing the wonderful world of Piggin’ to life. A successful wildlife artist by trade, Piggin’ allows David to show off his more whimsical side, and share his love of pigs with us all.


David lived for a long time on a Yorkshire farm, and he quickly became enchanted by its porcine inhabitants, especially one large white called Tuesday, who lived in an outbuilding nearby. He began to see the pigs as people and took great delight in observing their many human characteristics. Piggin’ was born! The rest, as they always say, is history, but as the years have rolled by the character of Piggin’ has developed, as have those of his friends who have joined him in his many exploits.



Piggin Friends 2001David continues to be inspired by the natural world around him, and still lives out in the wilds, gathering his ideas each day from the creatures he observes and sketches, not only in his home land of County Durham, but also all around the world. Wherever there are animals, then David is keen to explore.

David is a talented public speaker and is much in demand to talk about his inspiration for Piggin’, from Collectors everywhere. He usually has a sketch pad on hand and his illustrated talks are both entertaining and informative.


The ideas for Piggin’ come from a variety of sources, for example Piggin’ Phobia was inspired by his brothers lifelong fear of spiders, and Piggin’ Skint was from a plea from a Collector who had spent all of her money at a Collectibles Fair!


The ideas are far from running out and whether you are a seasoned Collector, or new to this rarest breed of pig, then come along with us all and join in all the fun of the farmyard!

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