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Thank You For Your Warmth And Friendship
Mary’s Moo Moos were created by artist and designer Mary Rhyner-Nadig and
are one of the collectible ranges produced by ENESCO.

Pictured right: 5th Anniversary Figurine ‘Thank You For Your Warmth And Friendship’

The first of the Mary’s Moo Moo herd appeared in 1994 and figruines continue to be produced.
The figurines have attracted a number of dedicated collectors and ranges in the past have included a Country Wedding, and the
Moo Moo County Fair.

Pictured right: The 1999 Limited Edition is ‘Fa-Moolies Grow With Loving Hearts”
Fa-Moolies Grow With Loving Hearts
Mary Rhyner-Nadig’s other lines have included
This Little Piggy(tm), Mary’s Henhouse®,
Mary Had A Little Lamb® and Mary, Mary Had a Farm®.


1998 Limited Edition and Event Piece
Mary’s Moo Moos exclusive ‘The Four Seasons’ characters

Marys Moo MoosMarys Moo MoosMarys Moo MoosMarys Moo MoosMarys Moo MoosMarys Moo Moos

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