Lilliput Lane Gardens


Leonora's SecretLilliput Lane produced their first landscaped garden in 1994 – “Leonora’s Secret”.
The sculpture was very well received and sold out quickly. The follow up piece
“Tranquility” sold out in just six weeks, the third piece “Refelctions of Jade” has
also been popular, and the final garden in the series “Hestercombe Gardens” has just
been released.

The popularity of the gardens has not really been that surprising. They are finely detailed
and very interesting to look at. Leonora’s Secret depicts a stunning walled garden,
overlooked by a wishing well. Hidden out of view is a secret hiding place. This piece
was limited to 2,500, and is already becoming one of the most sort after Lilliput
Lane sculptures.

Tranquility is a beautiful model of a Victorian walled garden based on a rock
garden which was constructed at Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire, England. The piece
includes ornate stone gargoyles amongst a spray of flowers. Tranquility was limited
to 2,500 pieces.

Reflections of Jade
The third garden in the series, Reflections of Jade portrays an oriental garden
that was created in England during the Victorian era. Reflections includes
a red pagoda nestled in amongst many colourful trees. At the centre of the piece
is a bridge with lady standing upon it, shading herself with a parasol. This sculpture had
a higher edition with 3,950 than the earlier two gardens

Hestercombe Gardens completes the series. As with Reflection this sculpture
has an edition size of 3,950. The pieces is inspired by the gardens at Hestercombe House,
Somerset, England. The original gardens were designed by architect Sir Edward Lutyens and
landscape gardener Gertrude Jekyll. The Victorian theme which has run through the
series continues.

Hestercoombe Gardens
The Lilliput Lane Gardens are an excellent series. They depict idyllic surrounds
in a past era. Completists may have trouble finishing the set as the first two gardens
were limited to just 2,500 pieces, and the last two to 3,950. This increase may have been
part due to the popularity of Leonora’s Secret and Tranquility.
This popularity and the fact that some newer collectors would like
to complete the set has led to an increase in the secondary market.
Prices have been seen from $450-$600 (£250-£350) for the first two gardens.

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