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“The World Of Krystonia ©” was created by David Woodard and Pat
Chandok. The first 19 cold-cast porcelain figurines were produced in
1987 in a small factory in Stoke-On-Trent, England.

Today the collection boasts well over 200 pieces – including some waterballs,
plaques, lithographs, and 4 books. The figurines are actually based on
characters from the Krystonia Chronicles book series. This helps
give the figurines added depth, charm and personality.

The Krystonia
Collector Club first started in 1989 and continues today. Included with
membership is a free Membership piece which for 2008 is the Steppin Out (pictured left),
official Krystonia newsletters with news and stories, an official membership card, and
a redemption certificate that allows you to purchase the ‘Member Only’
Redemption Figurine which for 2008 is Off We Go (pictured below right).

Off We Go“Krystonia
is a land of make-believe whimsical fantasy where dragons, wizards,
trolls and many other delightful characters dwell. It is a world over
which two moons shine, a land of perpetual blizzards, fertile valleys,
and vast seared desert. It is also a land of great mystery, most of
it revolving about the magical krystals.

Steppin OutThese magical krystals help the wizards of Krystonia work their spells
for the good of all Krystonians, and keep in check the power of the
evil N’Borg.

Pictured left and right: Steppin Out and Off We Go

This award winning line is one of the top collectors items,
and has brought happiness and enjoyment to collectors of all ages.”

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