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Floral Summers DayCaithness Glass opened their first factory in Wick, Scotland in 1961. The first Caithness paperweights were produced in 1969, using the traditional methods of millefiori and lampwork. The company is now a division of Dartington Crystal (Torrington) Ltd.

Pictured right: Floral Summers Day – an Exclusive Members Only Caithness Glass Paperweights for 2009

Each paperweight is unique in design and handcrafted in Scotland. Caithness paperweights have a reputation of being the finest in the world and have become highly collectable.

The Caithness Glass Paperweights Collectors Society was founded in 1976 by Colin Terris, the company’s master paperweight artist. Members of the Society receive a number of benefits which include: free the club magazine, exclusive access to the members areas of the web site and the opportunity to buy members only paperweights.

There is also the opportunity to to purchase annual members only Caithness paperweights which for the year 2009 include Floral Summers Day and Magic Carpet. The Events paperweigth for 2009 is Sanctuary. There are regular Society newsletters and a full colour annual review.

Magic CarpetPictured left: Magic Carpet – an Exclusive Members Only Caithness Glass Paperweights for 2009

SanctuaryFor more information contact:
Caithness Glass Paperweight Collectors Society,
Torrington, Devon, EX38 7AN

Pictured right: Sanctuary – the 2009 Events Caithness Paperweight

The Caithness Factory and Visitor Center is now located at The Crieff Visitor Centre. For factory tours and and our new factory shop please call 01764 654014. Admission to the factory tour is FREE.

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