The 2005 Barbie Fan Club

Barbie have just released details of the 2005
Barbie Fan Club:

coming soon – your chance to sign up for membership in the 2005
BarbieSM Fan Club! You won’t want to miss out on the new 2005
BFC™ – it’s all about getting new personalized features,
new membership benefits, and more collecting options.

2004 BFC™ members get a chance to renew their memberships
starting March 9th, 2005. If the 7,000 membership slots aren’t
filled by March 16th, 2005, at 9 AM (PST), then that’s when registered members will have a chance to
join and have access to these BFC™ perks, for just $19.95:

* Up to $40 in Online Shop merchandise
credit rewards on qualified purchases (click here for more details)!

* The opportunity to purchase the BarbieSM Fan Club exclusive
Lone Star Great™ Barbie® doll, designed by Robert Best

* Exclusive access to the Barbie™ Bulletin Board and an
all-new Chat feature. Starting 2/16/05, the Barbie™ Bulletin
Board will be an exclusive benefit for BarbieSM Fan Club members.

* A new "bonus points" program for frequent buyers
in our Online Shop, with details to be announced later this

So be sure to circle March 16th on your calendar – it’ll be
here before you know it!

We know you’ll have questions about the new 2005 Club, so be
sure to check the FAQs for answers and more information."

For more details visit the
web site

Visit the WCN Barbie information
pages and message boards.


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