Swarovski’s Ultimate Contrast


Swarovki Chill BroochThe classic Black and White combo re-created by Swarovski and includes the Chill Brooch (pictured right).

The classic colour combo is re-invented this summer to show stark black and white, reminiscent of eighties’ and sixties’ styling.

Whatever your style – a white blouse with black Jet crystal jewellery or a black top with white crystal jewellery – the effect is stunning. The pairing of these two colours is a classic yet fashionable way of making a statement.

The ruthenium-plated Chill Brooch marries Jet crystal with clear crystal beads, culminating in a tooth-shaped black element for a twist to this modern design. This brooch is just right with a layered white top or a sleek black tuxedo-fashioned jacket.

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