Swarovski – The Elephant

The ElephantSwarovski presents its fifth numbered limited edition since 1995, the Elephant, Numbered Limited Edition 2006.

Crystal designer Heinz Tabertshofer created this hand-signed piece exclusively for members of the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS). The edition is limited to 10´000 pieces, thus guaranteeing a high collector value.

Portraying an African bull elephant, this masterpiece stands for wisdom and innate strength. The lifelike design is crafted from clear, faceted crystal, with eyes sparkling in Smoked Topaz crystal.

Standing 20.4 cm (8 inches) tall and with a width of 28 cm (11 inches), the object makes for a stunning home accessory.

DrawingHarmony of contrasts

“Despite their size and strength, elephants are extremely sensitive, intelligent and peaceful animals. I have always been fascinated by their social interaction and caring behaviour“, explains Heinz Tabertshofer.

The most challenging aspect of the piece lies in the blending of curved and angular lines with distinctly cubic elements. The perfect realisation of the design once again bears witness to Swarovski’s technical know-how and expertise.

Rich symbolism

The elephant is famed for its extremely good memory, and is considered to be among the most intelligent of all wild mammals. Worshipped, honoured and loved, the elephant is prevalent in myths and legends of the most diverse of cultures. It is regarded as a symbol of luck, wisdom, fidelity, compassion and community.

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