Swarovski Proudly presenting In the Mood for Ice

Swarovski In the Mood for IceSwarovski
has introduced In the Mood for Ice – its stunning new theme
collection for Autumn / Winter 2005. Inspired by the mysterious
and magical world of the Arctic, home accessories, jewellery
and fashion accessories have been designed to emanate the landscapes,
wildlife and Inuit culture. Immersed in the scene is a bold
and adventurous woman, who sets out on an expedition to discover
the crystal treasures captured in the ice.

The range will be introduced over the next few months and the
products that pay homage to the fragile and vast polar regions
through the eyes of crystal. Experience the new Glacier cut
and be amazed by the innovative designs it embellishes. Smilla,
Ilulissat, Inuit and Ice Flower – all names that conjure
up soothing and cool images.

the Swarovski collection online for more detail

Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal

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