A Royal Copenhagen Christmas

Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Santa 2013Royal Copenhagen’s Annual Christmas Tree and Annual Santa for 2013. Both Royal Copenhagen Annual Editions have been designed by Sven Vestergaard.

Pictured right: Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Santa 2013

Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Tree 2013

A cheerful and satisfied Santa has put on a Christmas record – his foot merrily following the music. Having brought presents to every well-behaved child, he’s oh, so pleased with his accomplishment.

Pictured left: Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Tree 2013

That Christmas is the children’s feast is clearly illustrated by this year’s Christmas Tree proudly carrying all children’s most beloved toy on its green branches. This year’s Christmas Tree is the 7th of the series. The artist, Sven Vestergaard, is also responsible for the Santa of the year, dating back to 2001 where the first Santa was released.

For more information visit http://www.royalcopenhagen.com

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