New James Bond Corgi including 50th anniversary You Only Live Twice Gyrocopter

James Bond Gyrocopter Little Nellie You Only Live TwiceCorgi will be releasing 6 new James Bond models in July and August including the 50th anniversary You Only Live Twice Gyrocopter ‘Little Nellie’. Q delivers the film’s signature gadget to Bond (Sean Connery) in southern Japan where he takes it in search of Blofeld’s rocket base. When four SPECTRE helicopters swoop to attack, the ‘Little Nellie’ Gyrocopter comes into its own, using a fierce array of weaponry that includes front-mounted machine guns, rear mounted flamethrowers and a battery of rockets.

Other James Bond models include:

James Bond Aston Martin DBS ‘Casino Royale’ CC03803 £21.99

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 ‘GoldenEye’ £21.99

James Bond Lotus Esprit ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ CC04513 £21.99

James Bond Gyrocopter ‘Little Nellie’ ‘You Only Live Twice’ – 50th anniversary CC04603 £21.99

James Bond Rolls Royce Phantom III ‘Goldfinger’ CC06805 £21.99

James Bond Aston Martin DB10 ‘Spectre’ CC08002 £21.99

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