Ice Age Animals Stamps from Royal Mail

Royal Mail Ice Age Animal StampsReleased on the 21st March are the new Ice Age Animal Stamps from Royal Mail.

10,000 years ago temperatures on Earth rose, the polar ice caps melted and the Ice Age came to an end. Now Royal Mail has brought the creatures of that world back to life on five beastly new stamps.

A far cry from the Cats and Dogs issue that the Royal Mail’s Animal Series began with in 2001, the animals featured are the Giant Deer, the Cave Bear, The Sabre Tooth Cat, the Woolly Rhinoceros, and perhaps most famous of all, the Woolly Mammoth. You can see the striking resemblance to their wildlife predecessors today, but each has a distinct predatory characteristic used to defend, and attack in an icy world.

The artwork on each stamp is incredible. British artist Andrew Davidson, a master of the traditional craft of woodblock engraving, used this technique to create each print. Using his highly developed poetic vision he was able to make each enormous animal work perfectly at the reduced size of a postage stamp.

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