Hazle’s 2016 Christmas Limited Paintings

The 2016 Hazle collection of Limited Paintings for Christmas has  a ‘Golden ages of Christmas’ theme. Three Limited Paintings have been produced and each is limited to just 30 of each painting. The designs are Twelfth Night, A Victorian Christmas and British Home Stores.

Twelfth Night – Christmas 2016

Twelfth Night - Christmas 2016Twelfth Night’ or ‘what you will’ was written by William Shakespeare in 1601/2 as an entertainment for the close of the Christmas Festivities. Here we present a performance of the play on our Corner Bank building which has been transformed into a pub! The group of travelling players, headed by the Lord of Misrule are busy preparing for the performance.

Lords of misrule are an old custom, where a peasant was elected to rule over the Christmas celebrations! Lords of Misrule were banned by Henry VIII, restored by Queen Mary and banned again by Elizabeth I. The tradition continued in many places despite the ban! This painting is priced at £94.95.

Victorian Christmas – Christmas 2016

Victorian Christmas - Christmas 2016Imagine the beginning of the 19th Century…Christmas was hardly celebrated at all, and many businesses did not close. One hundred years later Christmas was the most widely celebrated annual holiday, and the traditions that we have today had begun!

The first Christmas card was commisioned in 1843. In 1848 Tom Smith produced the first Christmas crackers, and Christmas Trees became popular after a picture of Victoria and Albert with a decorated Christmas Tree appeared in 1848. Turkey started to become the Christmas dinner of choice, by 1900 it was eaten on Christmas day by all sectors of society. This painting is priced at £110.95.

British Home Stores – Christmas 2016

British Home Stores - Christmas 2016In 2016 we said a sad farewell to a much loved Great British shop after 88 years of trading.
Once a staple of every British High Street, and well known for their lavish Christmas displays, British Home Stores – fondly known as BHS – closed for the last time in August 2016.

Here we see the store in it’s 1950s heyday, with the windows filled with a singing snowman and piles of toys ready to delight!

And who can remember saving for Christmas by paying each week into a Christmas Saving Club? This painting is priced at £89.95.

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