Corgi Diamond White Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico – 60th Anniversary Collection

Corgi Diamond White Ford Escort Mk1 MexicoCorgi’s 60th Anniversary continues to delight with great models and one of the latest releases is this Diamond White Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico.

Ford were determined to win the 1970 London-Mexico World Cup Rally and, after extensive reconnaissance of the arduous 16,000 mile route, works driver Roger Clark suggested they use heavy-duty rally Escorts with simple Cortina 1600GT engines in place of the usual Lotus twin-cams; reliability being more important than performance. It worked, Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm won in ‘FEV 1H ‘ and, quick to see the value of the publicity, Ford launched the Mexico as a production replica of the winner using their rally-proven Type-49 bodyshell and crossflow engine. Built at Ford’s Advanced Vehicle Operations facility, Ockendon, Essex, it was launched in 1970 at £1150, making it the affordable performance car of its era. 

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