Charming and fun miniatures from Swarovski

Swarovski Paul the PlaneMeet
Paul, Tommy and Conrad, three fun new miniatures in a refreshing
young design from the world of toys and travel.

Fashioned in fully faceted clear crystal, Paul the Plane sports
tiny wheels in Peridot crystal, Aquamarine crystal wings and
windows in Sun crystal.

Pictured right:
Paul the Plane

Swarovski AbacusTommy
the Tugboat is a jolly rendering of every boy’s favourite
vessel. Accents such as portholes in Aquamarine crystal, a life
belt in Siam crystal and a roof in Peridot crystal finish the
fun look.

Pictured left: Abacus

Conrad the car features sporty details such as Jonquil crystal
headlights, wheels in Peridot crystal and Aquamarine crystal
windows. Not quite the aerodynamic shape of a formula 1 racecar,
Conrad is sure to win your heart all the same.

Aspiring mathematicians will be delighted to know that the
crystal beads of the Abacus can be moved. This exquisitely finished
rendering of the ancient calculating device is especially eye-catching
due to the four crystal colours used for the beads.

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Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal

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