Barbie at the Crystal Worlds in Wattens

Barbie at the Crystal Worlds in WattensConceived by the late Harald Szeemann, the exhibition Temporary Enchantment is being shown for the second consecutive year at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens. This year, Temporary Enchantment is devoted to the theme of Krist-All-Tag (Crystal in everyday life).

The current version of Temporary Enchantment bears the late Harald Szeemann’s signature not only in the figurative sense but also in the literal sense. His Krist-All-Tag is emblazoned in neon lettering above the entrance to the exhibition. Una Szeemann’s audio-visual installation will accompany this theme until February 5, 2006.

Concealed behind Una Szeemann’s multimedia installation is a look at the term from different perspectives. The installation makes free associations on “crystal” (in German: Kristall), “everyday” (Alltag) and “universe” (All).

Films, television, newspapers, fashion and music are the mass media from which she filters out the components for her vision. Here, crystal can be found in its original connotation as precious, unusual or even as simple everyday properties – crystal sugar, crystal Barbie and crystal water. Monitors with film clips and a reflecting disco ball attract the observer’s attention, along with musical accompaniment of songs with crystal themes.

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