Ballerina figurines from Royal Copenhagen

Ballerina figurines from Royal CopenhagenThree graceful ballerinas have been created specially for Royal Copenhagen by the respected American artist Sterett-Gittings Kelsey.

Ballerina figurines from Royal CopenhagenSterett-Gittings  Kelsey has frequently been compared to Degas in that, like him, she has an amazing feeling for human anatomy and is able to
create life, whether working in bronze or porcelain. Her ballet figurines radiate grace and elegance, displaying an exquisite harmony in the  movements of the body.

Sterett-Gittings Kelsey has shown the little ballerina in three different poses, one in which she is holding her arms in the air, one in which she is bending forward, and one in which she is relaxing and no doubt thinking about the evening’s performance.

Ballerina figurines from Royal CopenhagenSterett-Gittings Kelsey qualified from the highly respected Rhode Island School of Design in 1964, having specialised in sculpture. Her work
is represented in museums all over the world, including the National Art Museum of Sport in Indianapolis and the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Tokyo, and she has also worked on a number of large decorative projects.


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