The 2016 Holiday Barbie Dolls

The 2016 Holiday™ Barbie Dolls feature three different dolls in delightful dresses each with adetailed bodice and bracelet.They are priced at $39.95 each.

holiday barbie 2016 aqua
A beloved tradition for more than 25 years, the 2016 Holiday Barbie™ doll rings in the wonder of the holidays and all the joyous festivities. Dressed in a beautiful aqua ombre sparkle skirt with detailed bodice and bracelet.

holiday barbie 2016 red
When you give a snow globe a gentle shake, shimmering snowflakes flutter and swirl inside.  It’s a spectacular moment that captures the essence of the holidays. This year, to commemorate the magic of the season, Holiday Barbie™ Doll arrives showcased in her own “snow globe.” May she bring you joy and the happiest of holidays!

holiday barbie 2016 blue
Dressed in a beautiful blue ombre sparkle skirt with detailed bodice and bracelet, Holiday Barbie™ doll has the perfect glamorous look that will shine bright all season long. 

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