The 2014 Royal Copenhagen Christmas

Royal_Copenhagen__Annual_Santa_2014Royal Copenhagen’s Annual Christmas Tree and Annual Santa for 2014 are both once again designed by Sven Vestergaard. The Royal Copenhagen annual Santa has been in production since 2001, and the beautifully decorated 2014 Christmas tree is no. 8 in the series.

Pictured right: Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Santa 2014 designed by Sven Vestergaard.
Santa has been busy delivering presents and is now resting his sore feet and enjoying a well earned footbath and a well-deserved root beer while reading the newspaper.

Pictured left: Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Tree 2014 designed by Sven Vestergaard.

This year’s Christmas Tree is the 8th of the series and measures 14.3cm high. The tree features a golden star and a teddy bear holding a 2014 calendar.

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