Lace Bobbins – The Decorative Charm of Lace Bobbins

Lace Bobbins – The Decorative Charm of Lace Bobbins

A growing interest in lace collecting has also created a renewed interest in old pillow lace bobbins. Lace bobbins have always been a decorative adjunct to lace making and although functional and fairly standard in form the bobbin flourished in its decorative charm with carving, colour, material and decoration making […]

Collecting Affordable Designer

Collecting Affordable Designer

I don’t really class myself as a Designer Diva, however, I do always seem to pick the most expensive item in the shop or fall in love with the out of reach prices for items in magazines. So the easiest way for me to work around this little problem is […]

Collecting Victorian Copper Jelly Moulds and Price Guide

Collecting Victorian Copper Jelly Moulds and Price Guide

Copper jelly moulds are among the most attractive and popular of all kitchenalia. The humble copper jelly mould came in a variety of shapes and sizes and became more and more elaborate over time. The moulds that were part of the batterie de cuisine of the larger houses sometimes bore the name  of […]

Royal Doulton Father Christmas 2018 Santa's Christmas List

Christmas Collectables and Gifts for Christmas 2018

We take a look at some of the Christmas Collectables, Christmas Collectibles and Christmas gifts available for Xmas 2018. Royal Doulton Royal Doulton has several festive offerings including their annual Christmas Figure entitled Christmas Surprise, their 2018 Father Christmas entitled Santa Christmas List and the annual petite figure Glad Tidings. […]

A Nailsea glass rolling pin, combed in pink, blue and white, 33cm long, c.1880. Sold for £30 at Bamfords, September 2018.

Collecting Antique and Vintage Glass Rolling Pins

Antique and vintage glass rolling pins vary from simple clear examples, to the famous Bristol Blue colours, to elaborate multi-coloured Nailsea examples and to examples with motifs and words. Glass rolling pins although functional developed into quite an art form and also became known as love tokens as they were […]

Shirley Wharf for Troika textured cube vase showing all four incised and geometric sides.

Troika Pottery – History, Designers and Troika Price Guide

Troika Pottery has become one of the most collected forms of modern British pottery with it’s distinctive colours, incised and geometric designs it has attracted many collectors. Early works from two of the company’s founders Leslie Illsley,  and Benny Sirota are especially collectable with prices for rarer items reaching well […]

A rare early 19th century West Indies carved horn pipe tamper, with a head finial having braided hair and a pewter collar, replaced base, 3¼in (8.2cm) high, an 18th century boxwood squirrel pipe tamper, 3¼in (8.2cm) high, an 18th century boxwood pipe tamper with chip carved geometric decoration, a 19th century treen boot and leg pipe tamper, a 19th century treen shoe pipe tamper and a brass bust of the Duke of Wellington pipe tamper.

Tobacco Stoppers and Tobacco Tampers for the Collector

The tobacco stopper, also known as a pipe stopper or a tobacco tamper, is used to enable a pipe to be filled by evenly distributing the tobacco within the length of the bowl, and to press the tobacco down. What started as a utilitarian device developed into a vast array […]

A 19th century German Stobwasser lacquered papier mache cigar case. Finely painted with the portrait of a violin player under a gilt border, named indistinct. Stamped inside the cover Stobwasser Fabrik Brunsieg, 13.25cm. Sold for £500 at Paul Beighton Auctioneers, May 2017.

Decorative Cigar Cases

As with much of tobacciana the growth of decorative cigar cases relates to rise of smoking. The first use in this country of the word ” cigar” (or ” segar ” as it was often written and pronounced) is ascribed by the Oxford Dictionary to the year 1735. The date is curious […]

Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Collectibles & Toys

Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Collectibles & Toys

Wow! 25 years ago Disney released WCN’s favourite Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas. The cult film from Tim Burton and has certainly stood the test of time to become of Disney’s best franchises and we would say has had some of best and coolest merchandise, collectibles and toys. With […]

A 1920s Fairyland Lustre octagonal bowl decorated in the Geisha or Angels pattern.Sold for £1.750 at Fieldings, March 2018.

Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre

‘Fairyland’ may not exist but the idea of an idyllic place inhabited by fairies, goblins and elves certainly is one that appeals to most children and even some adults. While Wedgwood Fairyland lustre ware may not be as unattainable, it is an unusual design and is sought after by collectors […]