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Keith MoonChristie’s next Pop Memorabilia sale on Tuesday 21 November 2006 will feature all manner of signed LPs, programmes, artists’ instruments, art works and many other pieces of memorabilia from the worlds most legendary acts and artists. Estimates start from £200 and all the great names have been lined up to participate, from The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Who and The Rolling Stones through to Madonna, Fat Boy Slim and The Scissor Sisters.

The Keith Moon collection comprises 30 lots of memorabilia including:

Two Premier floor-Toms from a specially commissioned Premier Drum Kit used by Keith Moon in The Who during the mid-1970s (estimate: £8,000-12,000 each)

A brass Avedis Zildjian Co. cymbal used by Keith Moon in The Who (estimate: £2,000-4,000).

Keith Moon’s full length black velvet robe, decorated with a lion to symbolize his star sign Leo (estimate: £1,000-1,500). This was specially created for Keith by Turnbull & Asser of London.

Two pairs of Converse All-Star basketball boots, worn by Keith Moon, circa late 1960s (estimate: £400-600 each)

Nine presentation awards estimates ranging from £500-1,500

Other Highlights include:

A letter John Lennon wrote, to John Hoyland, a British radical, dated September 14th 1971 (estimate: £8,000-12,000). Lennon had been in touch with Hoyland between October 1968 and January 1969 via the pages of the radical leftwing broadsheet “Black Dwarf”. By the summer of 1971 Black Dwarf had folded and John Hoyland, along with a group of seven other writers were forming a new newspaper called “7 days”. Hoyland had written to Lennon requesting his support. The letter offered at auction is Lennon’s reply, written “in flight” on American Airlines headed stationery. Hoyland and the 7 days group were delighted to receive the reply and decided to wait until Lennon returned from New York to make contact. Sadly he never returned.

A series of early cartoon sketches by John Lennon, 1959 (estimate: £8,000-12,000). These four pencil sketches were executed by John in his first year at Liverpool Art School.

George Harrison’s Anthony C.Zemaitis 12-string guitar (estimate: £20,000-30,000) from 1974. The name of Harrison’s film company, Handmade Films, was inspired by another Zemaitis guitar which George owned, which stated “hand-made” on a label. This particular guitar was commissioned by George for his partner in Handmade Films, Denis O’Brien and bears the inscription D.O’B from G.H.

More affordable highlights include a Fat Boy Slim LP record case, customised, signed and used by Norman Cook when he was DJing from 1987-2000 (estimate: £400-600), a Live-8 Programme from July 2005 donated by The Scissor Sisters to a favoured charity Children of the Andes, signed by various artists including Paul McCartney, Bob Geldof, Robbie Williams, and The Scissor Sisters (estimate: £800-1,200), and a saucepan lid signed by John Lenn

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