Propworx Auction X Star Trek Memorabilia

Propworx latest auction of Star Trek Memorabilia takes place on 4th March as is available on the liveauctioneers platform. The collection of Star Trek memorabilia includes original props, costumes, set decoration, artwork, production material and more. The Star Trek Memorabilia auction includes 171 lots.

The full catalogue can be viewed here.

Selected Highlights from the Star Trek Memorabilia Auction

Star Trek: Generations Captain Picard Starfleet Uniform

Star Trek Generations Captain Picard Starfleet UniformAn original Starfleet uniform worn by Captain Jen-Luc Picard, actor Patrick Steward in the motion picture Star Trek: Generations. This piece features a full length black uniform with maroon accented shoulders. The jumpsuit-style uniform features a hidden zipper on the front and two metal clasps, and a faded purple undershirt that attaches at the crotch with snaps. The undershirt is faded from use on set but remains in good condition. The jumpsuit has been padded on the inside around the shoulders and chest area for the actor, includes a replica Starfleet comm badge, and features a sewn in costumers tag that reads “Patrick Stewart”. This item was custom made by the production, and remains in excellent, screen used condition. Estimate $7,500-$9,000

Star Trek: The Next Generation Dustbuster Phaser

Star Trek The Next Generation Dustbuster PhaserA Starfleet “Dustbuster” Phaser as seen in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This rare piece, nicknamed the “Dustbuster” by production because of it’s appearance was the first incarnation of the Phaser seen on screen in TNG. It is made of cast resin with a detachable front emitter that has been cast in red. The piece features black accents and a attached graphic on the front. This item shows signs of wear from use on set, but remain in excellent, screen used condition. Estimate $5,000-$6,000

Star Trek: The Final Frontier Captain Kirk Commando

Star Trek The Final Frontier Captain Kirk CommandoA rare field duty uniform worn by Captain Kirk (William Shatner) in the motion picture Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Ordered to “Nimbus III”, the Enterprise-A crew responds to a hostage situation in which they don these “commando” style uniforms. Consisting of a dark brown wool sweater and matching pair of trousers, this uniform features a white command division undershirt. The sweater features a white command division strip around the left forearm and a sewn in wrap with snaps to keep the garment tucked in. The pants feature a red stripe down the seams of both legs, and Velcro patches for the attachment of a Starfleet belt. The undershirt with this costume is sleeveless, white, and has a ribbed neck. The costume components all feature sewn-in tags that read ‘Kirk’, ‘Shatner’ or both; the pants indicate use with a nylon harness. A costumer’s tag reads ‘William Shatner as Capt. Kirk, change #4, 4A’. Included is a pair of commando boots used by a background extra in the movie, a replica leather belt with metal Starfleet emblem, and a replica rank pin attached to the left sleeve.


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