1930s West Ham United Football Programmes

1930s west ham united football progarmmesAn interesting collection of  mid-1930s West Ham home football programmes including matches against Blackburn (1936), Tottenham (1936) and Southampton (1937 and 1938) are up for auction at Unique Auctions of Lincoln’s New Years Day auction. The collection also includes a Red v Blues practice match. The football programmes which are some 80 years old are in excellent condition, although some have scores written on them.  The auction takes place on January 1st 2018.

The West Ham United football programmes include:
No.1 West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur August 29th, 1936
No. 4 West Ham United v Blackburn September 12th, 1936
No. 6 West Ham United RES v Southampton RES September 18th, 1937
No. 34 West Ham United v Southampton March 27th, 1937
No. 26 West Ham United v Southampton January 29th, 1938
West United Practice match Reds v Blues 15th August, 1936

For more information visit Unique Auctions.

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